An Atlas of the World’s Most Glamorous Homes


Mid -20th-Century Modernism is a design era that continues to inspire contemporary architecture and design. The reasons for its popularity are both nostalgic and forward looking; mid-century may relate to the heady decades of the 1950s and 60s, but its roots are firmly in timeless values of modernism.

Revival of interest in the era beginning in the late 1980s and it continues today. It crosses generations ranging from boomers who remember the light-loving balanced geometry of their childhood homes, to collectors and enthusiasts and young apartment dwellers who look to the era to bring contemporary individuality to their apartments and starter homes.

So a treat for everyone interested in this fabulous era is Phaidon’s new title: Atlas of Mid-Century Modern Houses. The book is a groundbreaking global survey that showcases more than 400 outstanding examples of mid-20th-century homes.  The works of 290 architects are presented including houses designed by icons as Marcel Breuer, Richard Neutra, Alvar Aalto, and Oscar Niemeyer as well as the work of  extraordinary but lesser known architects in Australia, Africa, and Asia.

Writer Dominic Bradbury specialises in architecture and design and has written more than 20 books including Mid-Century Modern Complete, The Iconic House and The Iconic Interior and his latest thoroughly researched and comprehensive appraisal is a resource for all those seeking inspiration for their own homes.

An added bonus is that the book is produced by Phaidon – the publisher whose books on art, photography, design, architecture, fashion and travel are themselves inspirational in their design and production.

Price of this stellar publication is $200.

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