With strata laws increasingly leaning towards allowing pets – rather than the blanket bans we once endured – the question arises, what’s the best dog for apartment living?

Small dogs would seem to make sense but then some smaller breeds are nervy, yappy and territorial, barking at any noises outside your front door (usually your increasingly irritated neighbours).

Very large dogs like Great Danes don’t need much exercise but they do tend to terrify other people in the lift.

Border Collies are super-smart … but that means they require constant stimulation or you may come home to fine they have dismantled your Ikea furniture … without using the Allen key.

The RSPCA has compile a list of the best dogs for apartments but they stress that it still has a lot to do with the character of the individual mutt and that there are some breeds not mentioned here that can thrive in apartments if trained properly.

Is your dog the right stuff for apartmet living? Read on …

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  1. Greyhounds are the best pet dog hands down anywhere. One walk a day, sleep the rest of the time, no doggy smell, short hair needing little grooming. Very affectionate and just easy to care for.

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