That old Nokia with the cracked screen that slides about at back of your desk drawer might seem like an amusing reminder of a less technologically savvy time, but it’s an environmental travesty, and could even be a significant source of stress.
by Jamie Thomson
New data released by e-waste experts MobileMuster reveals that the number of unused phones cluttering up Australian homes has reached “critical mass”. There are now more old mobiles in Australia than there are people: a staggering 25.5 million handsets lurk in our homes, of which four million are no longer even working.

Spyro Kalos, recycling manager at MobileMuster, explains: “With the number of hoarded mobile phones for the first time ever surpassing the Australian population figure, we want people to start thinking about the environmental benefits of recycling their old mobiles. Think of your mobile as a miniature mine, with 95% of the materials and precious minerals from recycled phones being recovered and put back into the supply chain.”

And it’s not just the environmental aspect that we need to consider. Decluttering expert Peter Walsh believes that allowing all our old technological trinkets to pile up can take an emotional toll, too. “When a home is overrun with clutter, it robs us emotionally, financially, socially as well as disrupting the peace and calm in our own homes. To relieve stress and anxiety, one of the easiest things Australians can do is to de-clutter – starting first and foremost with their old mobile phones.”

Which is why Walsh has teamed up with MobileMuster to help Aussies come clean and recycle their mobile phones and accessories to simplify, de-stress and de-clutter their life – and track down Australia’s biggest mobile phone hoarder, who could win a dream decluttering pack worth over $3,230

So, dig up your mobile phone graveyard and recycle your old phones, cords and accessories that will only give you a headache, trip you up and create a tangled mess in your life. Now is the perfect time for hoarders to come clean”, adds Walsh.

To find out more about the Hoarders Come Clean competition; a partnership between MobileMuster and Walsh, go to: To recycle your mobile and find your nearest drop-off point

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