Heading to the cinema is an experience both loved and loathed. Sure, there’s the allure of catching the latest flicks in their finest big-screen form. But the undeniable annoyances of overcrowded sessions, complete with vocal audience members and children loudly chomping on overpriced candy bar snacks, can act as serious deterrents from leaving the couch altogether.

But, what if you didn’t have to?

Intrigued? Meet King Cloud II, the super-smart sofa from the team at King Living.


King Cloud birds eye view
King Cloud birds eye view

So what makes this guy worth staying home for? With built-in charging ports, simply plug in your own cords to guarantee your mobile devices will be kept working all night long. Able to be configured for single or multi-seating settings, the chair’s Touch Glide Technology allows you to swipe control into your favourite seating position (which the chair can memorize and recreated at your demand too).

Add in a few sleek built-in LED lamps, Smart Pockets to stash away remotes and cords plus Swivel Tables to house your drinks, King Cloud II could be a serious game changer in creating the perfect home cinema experience.

Find out more about how to get your hands on this piece by clicking here.

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