‘Must-have’ tech gadgets for your first flat

IKEA plugs into the wi-fi scene with furniture that charges your phone

Apart from the usual furniture and appliances, a modern apartment needs tech gadgets to keep the home smart, efficient, and functional. Given the high dependency on technology nowadays, it’s not surprising that homeowners are actively transforming their humble abode into a smart home.

Based on statistical data shared by Statista, the global market for smart homes is projected to grow by US$58.68 billion by 2020, from the recorded US$20.38 billion in 2014 – proof that many are expected to adopt the idea in the coming years.

Technology has changed many things in recent times, not only the homes we live in, but even the way we manage work remotely and consume entertainment (TV shows, films, games). The latter are now heavily accessed on mobile devices, where big developers such as Gaming Realms admit in studies that most of their income comes from mobile players.

Although games are still accessible online via PCs and laptops, the company plans to focus more on social and mobile gaming, especially after the success of their gaming titles hosted on their flagship brand Spin Genie. Many game developers are now following this trend as it offers convenience to the player base. Convenience is also the main reason why people are now equipping their homes with high-tech gadgets, which are also cost-efficient, and perfect for first time apartment owners.

If you’re wondering which gadgets to invest in, here’s are some must-have home technologies for your first apartment.

IKEA Wireless Charging
Today, wireless charging has become an ideal technology for modern homes; especially since mobile devices’ battery easily drain with continuous use. Different types of furniture have been transformed by IKEA to create a platform for wireless charging, such as lamps, bedside tables, desks and charging pads. Although not all smartphones are compatible, as not all of them have a Qi wireless chip. Nevertheless, Gizmodo gave recognition to the technology saying it’s the start of the future.

“Wireless power was the future we were promised over a hundred years ago,” said in a post by Gizmodo. “[Nikola Tesla believed] wireless electricity could power the entire planet. That hasn’t happened yet, but we’re getting closer.”

The Aros system allows you to control your aircon … wherever you are

Aros air-conditioner
Can’t take the summer heat or winter chill? Although we all want an air-conditioned home, often, the expense of buying the units and keeping then on throughout the day leaves many unsure whether it is in fact a shrewd investment. The Aros air-conditioner is a perfect item for your apartment as it ensures “your bills are as low as the temperature in your apartment.” The smart A/C lets users determine their budget, cooling preference, and location to keep certain places cool even when you’re out. It can also turn any smart device into its own controller, so you can access your A/C even when you’re out of the apartment.

Quirky Porkfolio Quirky
Most people tend to leave coins on the counter along with the keys, either scattered or unorganized, instead of safely putting them away somewhere. Quirky Porkfolio is a Wi-Fi connected piggy bank that lets you keep your cash and track it smartly through an app that shows how much you’ve saved. You’ll be surprised at how much money you are able to save by keeping your change in this virtual piggy bank. Today, we can easily track almost anything, even our favorite games through notifications on our mobile or continuously visiting a certain app to see any new developments. Money can easily be tracked via its paired app and can be managed wherever you go through your mobile device.

The Geneva wi-fi speaker system allows you to move your music to wherever you want it

Geneva Model S
Do you need a reliable wireless music system in your new home? Consider the Geneve Model S, a wireless sound system that streams music from your device, and let you play it anywhere in your home. The sound is said to “reach the farthest corners of your studio with its sound.” No need to plug any wires with the three components. Users have the option to keep the three speakers together in one room or spread it across your apartment for a better music experience. Whatever floats your boat, it’s your home sweet home anyway.


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