New gadgets to give your apartment the edge


For those wanting to go the extra mile in luxury interior design, consider adding these trendy new appliances to your bathroom.

Quality, craftsmanship and contemporary design lie at the heart of any successful design studio. For the team behind IXL Appliances, the bathroom has become their playground for creating nifty new toys.

Determined to stay at the front of their field, IXL have dedicated themselves to producing sleek yet striking appliances that fit seamlessly into user’s existing space. What’s most impressive about this brand is their emphasis on ensuring maximum efficiency and a low environmental impact.

Each product is tailor made for every client, improving both functionality as well as the bathroom’s overall aesthetic. Fitting flush to every wall, these appliances are ideal for any apartment resident looking to make a real statement.

See more from IXL Appliances by clicking through to there website here, or click through our gallery of products below.

CLASSIC RANGE: Tastic® Classic Originalac11751c-b5c1-4f44-9c10-95933a4e32ad

BOLD RANGE: Tastic® Neo Module collection






Tastic Neo Module_[PHOTO CREDIT - Mr Mitchell Portsea residence] Tastic Neo Module_[PHOTO CREDIT - Adele Bates Design Cape Schank residence]

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