New In: Tidal chair takes Tait by storm


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Meet the Tidal chair, the unassuming latest addition to the Tait label. This streamline little seat packs a punch in terms of form and function. Created by coastal dwelling designer Trent Jansen, the piece has been pinned as ‘a stylised interpretation of a wave’, with a nostalgic nod back to the Australian lifestyle of the 60s and 70s.


As a part of Tait’s new research and development (R&D) process, the Tidal series has been commissioned in response to the brand’s need for playful modern pool furniture.

‘We wanted to create a collection of furniture that helps people to relax around a pool and socialize but to also consider how Australians do that and whether or not that differs from people overseas’, explains creative director Susan Tait and co-director/maker Gordon Tait.


Manufactured from durable polished stainless steel, coated in a variety of contrasting colours, range is set to release a series of dining and lounge chairs for contemporary Australian buyers. Set for in-store release September 19th, keep an eye out for these innovative must have items.



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