City of Sydney Business bike ride, 2016

Once you have pumped up your tyres (again!) dodged the psycho motorists and then puffed and panted your way to work, what happens as soon as you get off your bike?

Sweat, that’s what happens.  And litres of it.

That would explain why the demand for end of trip facilities in Sydney is booming, with new figures showing businesses are embracing initiatives to create happier and healthier workplaces.

More than 35 customised end of trip facilities worth over $30 million have been installed in the local Sydney area in the past three years by end of trip specialists PFL Spaces. Among them, the Barangaroo South project now ranks as the largest bike parking facility in the southern hemisphere.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said supporting more people to ride to work had positive flow-on effects for the city.

“Businesses are getting the message that active employees are happier and more productive. All over the city, office buildings are being retrofitted with the showers, lockers and bike racks needed when the growing number of people riding bikes get to work,” the Lord Mayor said.

“On top of the health and wellbeing benefits, more people riding also helps ease chronic traffic congestion, a problem that costs Sydney businesses a collective $5 billion every year.”

PFL Spaces CEO, Mark Rossiter, says requests for state of the art end of trip facilities is growing year on year.

“Flexible work environments are a mandatory feature of all offices at the moment, a trend that will no doubt develop further over the coming years,” Mr Rossiter said.

“The supply of top talent is tight, so employers have an obligation to cater for the demands of the modern worker, which now more than ever involves an active lifestyle to support their time spend in the office.

“Cycling to work is a big part of this, which is something PFL Spaces strives to make as attractive as possible through our design and installation of end of trip facilities.

“Sydney’s riding base needs to grow, and we believe a small extension of bike lanes linking our largest office buildings through existing corridors, will complement the state of the art facilities being rolled out by landlords nationwide, encouraging a healthier and more focussed workplace.”

A recent international survey of 280 tenants by commercial property managers Colliers International found that tenets considered bicycle parking and end of trip facilities more important than car-parking.

Sydney’s Barangarooo reflects the evolving expectations of modern tenants including Westpac, with 1,120 bike parking spaces, 1,240 lockers and 110 showers installed in Tower 2.

“Before we expanded to Barangaroo, we asked employees what they wanted out of the new office space,” said Ian Bell, Westpac’s Head of Group Property.

“Overwhelmingly, they wanted a greater focus on wellbeing, including access to significantly enhanced end-of-trip facilities including bike racks, lockers and shower facilities and a towel service.

“The facilities now available for Westpac Group employees at Barangaroo include 400 secure bike racks and 400 lockers, 40 showers, dedicated change rooms and fresh daily towels, as well as amenities such as garment airing facilities, ironing stations, hair dryers and straighteners.

“We really want to encourage everyone to exercise more regularly by making it easy to use our end‐of‐trip facilities and providing a superior range of services.”




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