It’s the drinking man’s interior design must-have – an old steamer trunk converted into a minibar. Jamie Thomson dons his smoking jacket to give us a tour of the latest trend in domestic drink dispensing.

Ah, steamer trunks – redolent of the golden age of sea travel, when itineraries were measured in weeks, not hours, and even the notion of a 20-kilo baggage limit would be enough to put an unsightly crease in your Oxford bags.

So it’s no wonder that these icons of 20th-century decadence have been brought together to inject a bit of old-world razzmatazz into your space-challenged apartment in the form of the steamer trunk mini-bar.

They’re classy, they’re waggish, and they offer any prospective host the best icebreaker known to the civilised world – a big load of booze appearing from nowhere as if by magic.

And yes, ladies, we know you can be just as partial to the odd cocktail and the occasional cafty beer, but these just feel like they belong in a man-cave where they can fulfill their true function – to have sweaty sports gear and last years jeans draped over them.

So here’s the Title guide to laying your hands on the hottest must-have-even-though-I-didn’t-know-they-existed-10-seconds-ago item for 2017.

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