5. The Chivas Regal Globetrotter
The Chivas Regal trunk actually holds clothes – how novel!

Yes, if money really is no object in your life – or if your drinking is totally out of control –  you could drop  the price of a family car on this collaboration between luggage experts Globe-Trotter and whisky giants Chivas (who, one would hope, would throw in more than just the single bottle pictured, given the price tag), which is actually a genuine bespoke steamer trunk that just happens to have its own built-in mini-bar.

It’s so big you could probably live in it, which you might have to after your partner kicks you out of the house for spending so much money on something so ludicrously impractical.

But even then, you could comfort yourself with the knowledge that you’d be the dandiest derro on the block.

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