6. Track down an original one
The suitcase-sized portable pub

Steamer trunk minibars are very much a modern affectation, so if authenticity is your thing, you might be left wanting.

However, it’s weirdly heartening to know that our grandparents were far more dedicated to getting soused on the move than we are, as there are a host of antique travel minibars around … if you can find one and prise it out of the hands of its lucky owner.

A cocktail bar in your carry-on

As they tend to be suitcased-sized, their compact dimensions don’t have quite the same wow factor as the big boys, but they are still pretty nifty, and would definitely have your friends and neighbours looking on enviously should you arrive at a rooftop get-together or balcony party with one in hand.

So whether it’s Martinis for two on the move, or a whisky-dispensing cupboard that can block out the sun, it’s clear that the minibar is back in vogue. And who wouldn’t raise a glass to that?





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