15 signs you’re a perfect neighbour

  1. Rubbish rules

If your rubbish bag is not properly secured or leaking slightly it could leave behind bad odours or even stains on the flooring. Not only will this annoy your neighbours but it will likely leave an easy to follow trail right to your front door, clearly showing everyone who the culprit is. There is nothing like a hallway filled with garbage smell to turn your neighbours against you! Also make sure you break down and fold up any cardboard boxes or large packaging before putting into the dumpster or down the trash chute. Taking up unnecessary space will not make you many friends within your apartment block; especially if an overfull dumpster is a common issue for your building. Finally, if your bag requires squishing and shoving into the trash chute, chances are it will probably get stuck halfway down and cause a blockage. Be mindful of the size of your bags, separating into two bags if need be.

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