15 signs you’re a perfect neighbour

  1. Smoke signals

If you are a smoker but your apartment is a non-smoking apartment, obey the rules and go for a wander down the street when you want to light-up. Chances are, those living in non-smoking apartments are non-smokers, so don’t make your neighbours live with your smoke. Be aware that as a smoker, you may be less aware of the smell than a non-smoker. So even sticking your head out of a window may not seem to have much of an effect to you, but may be causing your neighbours distress – not to mention should any of them be enjoying nice weather with their window open. Even if smoking is permitted inside your apartment, make sure the area is fully ventilated with windows and vents open and fully working to stop a build-up of stale smoke which can then seep into communal areas such as hallways.

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