15 signs you’re a perfect neighbour

  1. Pet hates (and loves)

Be aware of the rules regarding pets within your building and choose a pet that will suit your living space and routine. Large pets can cause a noise issue while walking around your apartment, and can be intimidating to any neighbours that may be wary of that type of animal. Cats and small dogs are the best bet, but make sure that they are comfortable being left alone for periods of time. This is especially important If you are away for long periods of time for work or other commitments, but also just as important if you are only planning to pop out for dinner. Your neighbours do not want to be marking your daily activities by the whining or scratching on doors by your pets when you are not at home. Make sure you always keep your pets on a leash or in a carrier whilst walking outside of your apartment, and toilet training is (obviously) essential.

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