15 signs you’re a perfect neighbour

  1. Balcony blues

If you are lucky enough to have an apartment with a balcony, be considerate of what or who may be underneath it. It might be lovely to have some plants on your balcony or maybe a bird feeder, however the owner of the balcony below you might not be so grateful if they find your balcony is encroaching onto theirs. If you do have plants, make sure they are on a large watertight base to stop any water running from them and dripping onto the balcony below. Also be aware of the placement of any bird baths or feeders as you might find debris is falling from it onto a balcony below, either due to wind, a messy bird or by your broom as you try to sweep it up. Always use a dustpan to sweep up any debris and never throw anything off of your balcony.

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