15 signs you’re a perfect neighbour

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Maybe you went for a long walk and your shoes got muddy, or maybe it was raining on your way home from work. You may not want to take your muddy shoes or wet umbrella into your apartment; however your neighbours won’t want to walk around them in the hallways either. If you have a balcony you should place any items that you don’t particularly want in your apartment there, and if not you should set up a ‘wet room’ or ‘wet area’ within your apartment to leave them. This is especially true for anything wet, be it an umbrella or a wet dog towel, as it could cause a bad odour to build up. Always remember that the hallways and stairwells are shared spaces of the building, not an extension of your apartment.

And finally …

The most important thing to remember is to be tolerant. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, be it forgetting to turn down the TV every now and then, or leaving the occasional load of laundry in the machines. We have all been a bad neighbour at some point without meaning to, and your neighbours are just the same. So just take a deep breath, remember that nobody can be perfect all the time … and smile.

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