15 signs you’re a perfect neighbour

  1. Noise annoys 2

Leaving early in the morning or arriving home late at night can disturb others. But sometimes it can’t be helped and you shouldn’t have to be a prisoner within your own home, so just be aware of your noise levels whilst doing so. Avoid stomping up or down stairwells and take a few extra seconds to shut doors quietly behind you rather than allowing them to slam shut. Also be aware of the volume of your voice in areas such as hallways, regardless of the time of day. You might be really enjoying your phone conversation, but others might not be. Try to finish your conversations before leaving your apartment and if you are walking with someone, use hushed tones. Not all tenants will work a typical ‘9-5’ job and may be sleeping or trying to work from home and loud laughter or conversations in the hallways can quickly become irritating and lead to disputes between you and your neighbours.

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