15 signs you’re a perfect neighbour

  1. Parking madness

You may be in a rush, or just really tired after a long day at work, but that’s no excuse for sloppy parking. Always make sure you are parked fully within (not on!) the white lines of a bay, no matter how long you are planning to stay there.  If you have a motorcycle or push bike, park them in the designated areas (if they are there) instead of taking up a car parking spot. If there are allocated spaces within your parking lot, stick to them. If your neighbour returns to find you or one of your guests parked in their space, you can probably forget any hopes of maintaining a civil relationship with them, let alone a friendship. In some more extreme cases, you may also need to say good bye to your tail lights or paintwork if your neighbour has a bad temper, or is especially cranky at the time!

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