15 signs you’re a perfect neighbour

  1. Laundering on the money

If there is an on-site laundry you have to remember that you are not the only person who will use the space and it is unfair to expect others to have to clean up or work around your laundry or mess. Check the timing of the machine you are using and make sure you don’t leave clothes sitting in a machine after it has finished the cycle. If you arrive at the laundry to find no machines are available, put on a pair of your ‘emergency undies’ and be patient. Never stop another person’s laundry to use the machine. If another person’s clothes are sitting in an otherwise useable machine after having finished its cycle, you may remove them if there are no other machines available. Take the clothes from the machine and lay them on a clean plastic bag on a counter or folding table but never put another’s clothes onto the floor or into a dryer. You may mean well, but everyone has their own specific way of doing their laundry and they may not appreciate you disturbing that, especially if you shrink their ‘delicates’. Before you leave, make sure you have cleaned out any lint screens and wiped up any spillages you may have caused. You wouldn’t want to have to do it for someone else, so don’t expect them to do it for you!

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