Pull up a chair: stealth seating opens up balcony


Hong Kong’s disappearing deckchairs will floor you

By Jamie Thomson

Hong Kong, like Paris, has become a hotbed of ingenious design tricks to maximise limited space, with the latest being this nifty solution for making the most of your balcony footprint: foldaway deckchairs that disappear into the floor when they’re not needed.image (1)

With the average balcony having the spatial dynamics of a walled-off welcome mat once a potted fern and a couple of seats have been added, this could be the perfect solution for those who want to use their outdoor space for more than just storing unwanted exercise equipment and smoking relatives.

Designers Liquid Interiors claim that the foldaway chairs are part of a holistic, healthy apartment schematic – and the idea behind the stealth seating is to free up space for a spot of outdoor meditation or yoga.

But, rather antithetically, they also seem very pleased with the apartment’s dining table-cum-sunken beer chiller (admittedly something Title can see having a lot appeal in Australia).


And that’s when their true genius become apparent: after you’ve holistically drunk the sunken beer fridge dry, the chairs sink into the floor around about the same time you do, making it all the easier for your long-suffering partner or flatmate to drag your snoring carcass indoors before the neighbours start complaining. Cheers!

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