Making your rental application when you have pets can make a stressful time worse and have you howling at the moon – which won’t help, trust me. Some agents are upfront that pets are not allowed by the landlord, and regardless of whether the bye-laws say you can, if the landlord says no, that’s it.

“It’s a continuing problem that many pet owners face on a daily basis,” Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia says. “Finding rental accommodation that welcomes pets is no easy task.”

Many letting agents are actually sympathetic to the pet owning renter as it indicates that they are likely to be long term renters and if they can look after a pet, they should be happy and able to look after their apartment. It’s a huge mistake to try and sneak a pet in where it’s forbidden as we’ve highlighted before on these pages with the woman who blocked several floors’ drains by tipping cat litter down the toilet.

Far better to be upfront about it, declare your fur children’s names, breeds and council registration numbers and hold your head up high until you find the right place for you and your pets. recently announced that they had reached the 50,000 mark of renters who have pet resumes attached to their applications in hope of securing a property.

Maybe a bit too… you know!

Around one third of renters choosing to attach the profile for their furry friend to their renter resume and applications.

“This is a great way to showcase your pet and really express that you own a good pet and are a responsible pet owner,” Crighton says. “These numbers just highlight the huge demand for pet owners looking for homes.”

“There are now 50,000 Pet Resumes and 187,000 Renter Resumes on – a terrific milestone to hit,” said Rent CEO Greg Bader. “The ability to move into a rental property with your pet is an issue that hits close to home for our renters,” he said.

Pet Insurance Australia urges Australians looking for accommodation to consider adding a pet resume rather than lie about the pet living in the home.

An outrage, I’m taking this all the way to the top.

“Sadly, many renters do hide the fact that they have a pet on the premises,” Crighton says. “This can cause a huge amount of continual stress and fear that the landowner will discover the pet. By showcasing your pet, you can highlight the benefits of having a pet in the home and also express why your pet is a stand-out.” I don’t know if that means funny cat videos, but my cat couldn’t pull one off anyway.

Sadly, many listings still do not specify if they are pet friendly or not, so it’s always a good idea to ask.

There are top tips on pets for renters and landlords on the next page.

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