• Have a pet resume for your pet and attach this to all applications.
  • Be honest.
  • Ensure your dog is well trained and up-to-scratch with his/her doggy manners.
  • Ensure your cat is housetrained and has no litter box woes.
  • Contact your local real-estate and ask them to contact you if pet accommodation becomes available in the area you wish to move.
  • Be prepared to offer a little extra in rent, or bond.
  • Have references on hand. This could be your dog trainer, vet and previous pet accommodation.
  • Beware writing as if you are your pet… this might seem a tad sad – just saying.


  • Consider the benefits for having a pet on the property – extra security etc, normally those with pets will be long time renters.
  • Ask for referrals
  • Talk to other landlords who allow pets.
  • Consider each application case-by-case.
  • Don’t be put off by horror stories, chat to real-estate agents about pet friendly rentals and get the real picture.
  • Ask for information on the pet’s history, training and behavior.

And not to get all judgy but as I listen to the kids upstairs re-enacting the chariot race from Ben Hur (or whatever the Fast and Furious equivalent would be for the young’uns)  I reckon pets are a way safer bet for landlords.

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