House dwellers who think residing in apartments must be like living in a fishbowl will be freaked out by a new development in Melbourne’s Ivanhoe area.

From the inside, Cirqua Apartments look like any other compact home … except maybe for the curved windows.

But from the outside, it’s like you are looking into a giant porthole or washing machine – the floor to ceiling windows are round.

Ignoring for a minute the “pseuds corner” gushing overkill of the Architects & Design article that brought this to our attention – “six large oculi puncture the façade, introducing formal inventiveness” –  it blithely assumes that no one given a free choice would buy an apartment anyway.

But this townhouse development by BKK Architects is well worth a look. It’s distinctive, inventive, ridiculously stylish and there’s not a square centimetre of flammmable cadding to be seen.

And, of course, no one can see in any easier than they would in a traditional apartment with a decent-sized balcony.

But passers-by would certainly give it a second glance.  It’s like giant waterpipes from  Snowys 2.0 have erupted from the ground in Melbourne … and someone’s decided to move in.


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