Is this the sexiest chair ever?


It is arguably the sexiest chair in the world and if you are inclined towards timeless Danish style, with a Swinging London frisson, this is the seat to put round your dining table.

And for this year only you can snap up special 60th anniversary editions of the Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs, in black, or pink with gold legs.

The often copied classic design is often called the Christine Keeler chair after the model who posed so provocatively  on one during the Profumo Scandal in Britain in the 60s, when it was discovered that she was having affairs with a Government Minister, John Profumo, and a Russian diplomat at the same time.

The Keeler chair is actually a cheaper copy of the chair Jacobsen designed for Republic of Fritz Hansen in 1955, with a hand hold cut in the back in an effort avoid copyright problems.

Photographer Lewis Morley, who spent his latter years here in Australia, also used it for photographs of TV personality David Frost, playwright Joe Orton and our very own Dame Edna, Barry Humphries.

The chair now resides in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London alongside the Arne Jacobsen original  that “inspired” it.  Lewis Morley bought the chair for five shillings (about 50 cents) in 1960.  Cult Designs of Sydney will sell you a genuine Series 7 chair for between $500 and $750 .. and one of the anniversary editions for a cool $1090.

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