Shake up your bathroom storage


Mirror Cabinet

If you have a mirror over the sink with no cabinet behind it, there’s your solution right there. Replace the mirror with a mirror cabinet and you have stack of storage. Embarrassing items should not be kept here as guests may well sneak a peak as they’re washing their hands! The IKEA STORJORM might do the trick for you and has built in LED lighting.


Another place for a shelf is under the bathroom mirror, above the washbasin, so that your most used and least embarrassing items can be put there in easy reach.

A glass shelf with give the most class. Sure it might give away that you use a sensitive deodorant or Aldi soap, but if they look nice, what does it it matter?



The other shelving opportunity is above the toilet cistern.

As long as you leave enough space to remove the cistern cover if you have a plumbing emergency, you can put, one, two or three shelves to hold baskets of toiletries, handtowels, face washers, plants, whatever works for you.

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