Shake up your bathroom storage


If you have a layout that’s conveniently got a wall next to your washbasin, then you can fix some kitchen spice racks to store your make up, hipster beard trimming equipment, or any small things you want in easy reach. It won’t look cluttered if you keep similar sized things on the same rack.


You can also hang a useful rack over your shower head, depending which type you have. This can keep your shower gel, shampoo, conditioner from gathering mould on the shower floor and keep them in easy reach.



Backs of doors

Open the door, no space, close the door, all that space is wasted, so why not put a couple of towel racks there?

You can never have too many towel racks, the more there are, the more chance of finding a dry one after your second shower.


Also, your bathroom cabinet may be suitable to hang a clip over to hide away your hair dryer.

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