London’s Oak Collective co-living block. More than 500 apartments with bedrooms and bathrooms. All other spaces are communal.

OK, housing affordability protesters, grab your placards and let’s get marching and chanting. What do we want? A nice apartment. When do we want it? Now. Where do we want it? In a cool area with lots of cafes and bars. How much will we pay? As little as possible.

I guess that’s why we don’t go on protest marches and instead spend our time chasing to viewings to get a foot on the property ladder, be it renting or owning. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a solution on the way for Aussie Millennials.

If you like sharing, like Airbnb, Uber, GoGet, and oBike, you might be ready to co-live. OK, not a very Silicon Valley sounding name but a very similar style of living.Imagine a cross between a student hall of residence or apartment block and hotel.

It’s becoming very popular in expensive rental markets like London and New York so Sydney and Melbourne can’t be too far behind you’d think. The Collective at Old Oak in London charges over around $ 1700a month for  a “Twodio”.


It has a  double bed and private bathroom with a two-hob kitchen unit that is shared with one other tenant.

Might seem a bit steep but it’s like hotel living without the expensive minibar and wife.

Here there’s fresh linen every two weeks,  wifi, gas and electric are included, as is access to communal spaces including larger kitchens, bookable dining rooms, and a games room.


The next page gives real insight into how things could be in Australia.

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