No need to fish for compliments with this beauty

Coffee tables are a major presence in our homes, replacing our ancestors campfire as somewhere to gather to eat and tell stories.  They can reflect our style, they can display our tastes, they are so integral that the Seinfeld episode when Kramer came up with the idea of a coffee table book about coffee tables seemed logical. They do have a downside though, a level surface in a room where space is at a premium is like a magnet for clutter.

They also take up a significant amount of floorspace so the opportunity for dual purpose or storage in an apartment should never be missed. Here are five ideas for you if you’re in the market for a coffee table that does more than collect cups or get used as an occasional footstool.



1.The Finley Home Turner Lift coffee table in black from is a stylish solution. It gives you a coffee table which converts into a higher surface nearer your sofa so you can use your laptop, eat your salad or build your latest Lego kit. Also comes in espresso wood finish.


2.Available on eBay at a tad over $100 this lift top coffee table is available in white or black and although not huge on the storage front, is a very useful temporary desk or dining table. Not a design classic, but shouldn’t offend at that price either. There are more great ideas on the next few pages.

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