We apartment dwellers do have to be more space conscious than our house dwelling friends with their trampolines, ride on mowers and kitchens filled with gadgets they saw on Masterchef.

We like things my Uncle Ken would’ve called nifty, while being very aware that you have to sometimes take a bit of bad with the good.

So here are the six flat-friendliest apartment living essentials we could think of … and their little drawbacks.


1.The flat-screen TV

It’s so slim, so elegant and you can even have it on constantly pretending to be a fireplace, a fishtank, or a slideshow of your favourite holiday snaps.

It takes up so little room, especially when you think to get that size of screen in the past you needed a box the size of a small touring caravan.

The downside: When you’re sitting down to binge watch your favourite series, think for a moment about the neighbours.

Not that they might have a bigger screen, but that if you’ve fixed yours to the wall, you should really be using a sound bar or the speakers built into the back of your TV will drive them nuts.


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