The future is here, right in our homes.  We are living the Jetsons lifestyle with air-con you can switch on from your car and cars you can fire up from your kitchen, while your Fitbit profile updates your diet and exercise goals and your Facebook friends start their daily feeding frenzy.

Ever connected, seamlessly in tune with our lives and receptive to our unique individual needs, today’s technological devices are evolving in ways never imagined possible before.

But as this article from the International Business Times reveals, not all these changes are for the better. With our homes and apartments brimming with gadgets that switch things on and off  via the internet while our laptops and tablets monitor our tastes, preferences and behavior, it’s no wonder expects are worried about the smart apartment dweller’s data protection and safety.

With every connected  gizmo a potential gateway to our lives, should we be concerned about the presence of new technologies in our own homes?

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