7. Small dogs are at risk around large dogs.

Not hard to understand, big dogs can hurt little ones without even meaning to, it’s a matter of scale. If your park designates different areas for different sizes, stick to them. The small dog in this photo could be headed for an injury.

8. If your dog doesn’t come when you call him, don’t take him. 

You need to be able to call your dog to heel if you can see play getting out of hand. If they don’t respond, they can end up in fights, or even getting scared and running away if the park isn’t fenced.

9. Don’t let your dog be a pest

If your dog gets too rough or rude with a dog that’s clearly not liking it, growling and snapping at yours to go away, it’s time to call your dog over for some time out. Dogs don’t sort things out for themselves, one will be bullied and lose out. Don’t be that person another owner is yelling at for not controlling your dog. The withering glances from other owners can cut deep.

10. Be careful about bringing toys.

The thing about toys is that your dog loves their toys and might like to steal others for a test drive. Being possessive around their favourite chewy bone or slobber soaked ball can lead to snatching, growling and of course, snapping and fighting. If you’re lucky and your dog is relaxed about another dog running off with his stuff and joyfully chases after, no problem.

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