11. Don’t chat, supervise and play. 

The park is for your dog to enjoy and you to enjoy their enjoyment… and that means you have to concentrate to make sure their behaviour is acceptable and that they’re engaged and enjoying themselves.

It’s not about you chatting to other dog owners or having me time.


15. Leave your smartphone in your pocket or bag. 

Leave you online shopping or Tinder swiping till later. Your dog wants you to join in and have as much fun as you’re having. You are their world and focus, and they can tell when you’ve tuned out. You know that look.

16. Take some water and bowl

It’s thirsty work having fun and dogs need to hydrate just as much as we do!

Now you’re in the zone, you may be able to think of more things to do and not do, but always read the signs on entry, put the poo in the designated bins and enjoy. Here are some parks to keep your dog happy in your city.

Best ten in Sydney

Melbourne’s ten best dog parks and beaches

Ten best dogs parks around Brisbane

Top ten dog parks near Adelaide

Ten fully enclosed dog exercise parks in Perth

Fenced off-leash areas in Canberra

Best dog parks in Darwin


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