Nice looking sofa, does it do anything?

I often think being an apartment owner is like being a gypsy. There’s something about the lock and leave mentality that means if you don’t get back there later that night, it’s not a problem. Nothing will happen while you’re gone and you’re free to stay up all night or couch surf or sleep under the stars as the mood takes you. That looks mad when I read it back, but I’m sticking to it.

And as our friends seem to be created in our own image, you just know as you hit the small hours and open yet another bottle of wine to finish off a dinner party that was over hours earlier, you know you’re going to have unplanned overnight guests. You can’t ask them to brave all those drunks on the night bus, tram or train. You have to offer to put them up for the night.

If you believe in karma you really don’t want to fling a throw rug at them and ask them to spend the night on the sofa. You certainly aren’t going to offer to give up your own bed for them. Even if it is Mum and Dad, they should have had more impulse control, quite frankly.

The air bed is an option but the noise to pump it up at that time of night will have the neighbours scowling next time you see them. Plus restless sleepers on an airbed will keep you awake all night as they toss and turn, making sounds akin to someone twisting massive balloon animals. “That one sounded like a giraffe.”

Well, it turns into this. It’s Italian you know.

The sofa though… let’s look at that again. What if it were a in fact not a normal sofa at all? Not even a sofa bed as such. What if it was a Palazzo Wall Bed? You see, it converts to a bunk bed, so even if your guests are not a couple, you can put them up with enough discreet separation to satisfy the morals of Victorian England.

It has removable mattresses, wood-slatted bed springs, folding head and foot boards and a locking mechanism to maintain separation. Although probably best to put the heavier person on the bottom bunk.

There’s even a lockable side panel to keep the top bunker taking the fast way down in the middle of the night.

The ladder will provide interest and access for your cats if you have them, and you can trust them to ensure nobody oversleeps.

The beds are made to order in a couple of colours and are Italian made so nobody can tell you it’s not stylish. Or fail to be impressed when what they thought what would be a humdrum sofa bed turns into this multi level masterpiece.

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