Cool idea of the week: the BB-8 fridge alarm

By Jamie Thomson

In the world of Star Wars, the “Force” has many uses – lightsaber retrieval for d6e9025a-1ff7-4c5e-94f3-19e9b0784c1bexample, or jobsworth bafflement – but it hasn’t yet, to my knowledge, been used to detect whether a refrigerator door has been left open or not. No, that’s what droids are for. And now you too can harness this intergalactic robot power in the confines of your own fridge.

BB-8, the breakout star of The Force Awakens, the latest in the Star Wars series, has been recast as a fridge alarm, taking time out from saving the galaxy to save you a few bucks on your electricity bill instead. The miniature version of the droid, build by Japanese firm Hamee and powered by AAA batteries, sits in your fridge – much in the way most fridge alarms do – and will bleep incessantly at you (with a choice of 20 different electronic admonishments) if you leave the door open too long.

As he is not as mobile as the Sphero version, BB-8 is unlikely to hop off the shelf and follow you down the street as you make your way work, beeping frantically while your milk goes bad. But what do you want? Some kind of robot fridge that will harass you into using it properly? (Oh wait, they already have those.)

However, until someone comes up with a lightsaber potato peeler, the BB-8 fridge magnet is by far the most prosaic use of a fantastical item we’ve seen to date. And that deserves a rounding of bleeping applause.

The Hamee BB-8 fridge alarm is available from Amazon Japan for $57. And if you want an actual Droid – watch the video below:

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