Take a ‘green’ survey and get in the draw to win $200

Take a ‘green’ survey and get in the draw to win $200

Imagine if, alongside the levies and floor area of the apartment you were planning to buy, there was another rating – how “Green” the building is.

It would be like the energy rating on your fridge.  Five star means your fridge is actively cooling the planet – one star means a baby polar bear dies every time you open the door to grab a beer … or something like that.

So why don’t buildings have ratings like that?  Well, some do.

The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) has recently received funding from the government to develop a new building performance assessment. This will allow for apartment buildings to be given a rating depending on their energy efficiency by outlining how much energy and water is used by the building and how efficient this use is compared to other apartment blocks.

Not only will this help the environment by highlighting those buildings which are not doing quite so well in the green department, but it will also help you and other apartment owners and renters to make a more environmentally conscious decision when choosing an apartment – not to mention being able to brag a 5-star rating for your building when it comes to selling your flat.

This has come about due to the fact that, although many service are shared within an apartment building, the buildings themselves tend to be less environmentally friendly than stand-alone houses. The extend of this difference is still an unknown due to a lack of data on the subject, but this is where you can help.

By participating in a Data Collection Survey you will be  central to the creation of a new national sustainability rating for all apartment buildings.

“NABERS ratings are a core component of many government sustainability policies for the property sector,” it says in a press release. “The incentives created by NABERS and the policies it supports have already helped the commercial property sector reduce energy consumption at an unprecedented rate.

“The development of a NABERS rating system begins with high quality data that accurately reflects the sector It’s addressing.  NABERS needs to collect energy and water data on a large number of residential apartment buildings, of various heights (low, medium and high-rise), varying facilities, and across all states and territories.

“NABERS has engaged Green Strata and Sustainability Now to manage an online Data Collection Survey and if your strata scheme or company-titled building is predominantly residential and has at least one vertical block of apartments of two (2) storeys or more, they want to hear from you.

“By completing the survey, you will go into a draw to win a $200 Visa gift card and your building will go into a draw to receive a free NABERS rating during the pilot stage of the project.

“You can complete the survey any time before 22nd March, but making a start today gives you plenty of time to collect the data that’s needed, and also means you won’t forget!”

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