Over the last 10 or more years our friends at Flat Chat have uncovered just about every apartment living horror story you could ever wish to read.  Here’s list of five of the funniest ones.
The Litter Lady.

The apartment block doesn’t allow pets, so the cat-loving owner snuck her cat in and kept it a secret, taking care to leave no clue, not recycling cat related products, even flushing the litter down the toilet. Unfortunately, gravity and density means that cat litter stays put when it comes to a bend in the pipework. Three floors of the building suffered sewage bubbling up into their toilets. Pets are still banned there.

Wired for Sound.

Some people can get carried away when they get their big flat screen TV. Like the man who decided his speakers would sound better if tucked behind the panel and cut into the wall. The wall was shared with the next apartment and the neighbours were far from impressed at the sound reverberating in their bedroom.

Hooked in.

A member of a wedding party online booked an apartment for the weekend through a sharing website. Searching for somewhere to hang his suit while he showered, he chose a sprinkler head. The glass broke and activated the sprinkler system on several floors. The man rushed to the concierge, dressed only in a towel, locking the keys in the apartment. The owner was nowhere to be found and several floors of apartments suffered water damage.

Floored by the By-laws

A new owner moved into a block and immediately became a noise nuisance. The chairman of the body corporate knocked on his door to pass on the several complaints and tell the man to quieten down. The new owner was indignant, having believed that the by-laws only applied to tenants.

Something Fishy

The complaints of damp in a ceiling led to an upstairs flat where the owner had blocked the drains on the balcony to flood it and turn it into a fishpond. Gives a whole new meeting to strata residents “carping”.

What’s your funny flatting story? Tell us at editor@titlemagazine.com.au.

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