Gold ceilings are standard in $43,000 per week eight-bedroom 24 carat, taste-free, kitch behemoth

By Jamie Thomson

Who says money can’t buy class? If you’ve got a $1.7m burning a hole in your pocket (and want absolutely nothing for your money other than renting London’s most expensive apartment for a year) then Rose Square, London SW3, is for you. And what do you get for the eye-watering weekly fee of $43,000 a week? Well, aside from a massive eight-bedroom ground floor apartment with indoor pool, gym and more bathrooms than an annual conference for the hopelessly incontinent would require – you get ceilings painted with 24-carat gold paint. Yes, ceilings. Painted gold. With actual gold. (And gold walls in the bathroom, too, just because.)

We’ve all moved into a new place and had to endure the excesses of the previous tenant’s decorating flair – whether it be beige toilet suites, flock wallpaper or an amateurish mural to be swiftly covered up as soon as a tin or two of emulsion is at hand. But at 180 grand a month, you’d think you’d be spared the indignity of saying, “Yeah, it was like that when we moved in. We’re having a word with the landlord,” when you have your mates round for the house warming.

However, what’s eye-opening is that it seems that a 10-year-old boy’s idea of what a rich person’s house looks like is genuinely what a rich person wants their house to look like (give or take a machine gun nest or two).

So if you find yourself agonising over budgetary restraints the next time you’re considering a makeover for your apartment, maybe you should count your blessings. Limitations can be liberating – otherwise you might end up with something so gaudy it would make a shameful sheik blush.

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