I’m not about to become one of those hugely successful people who turns suggestions into cleaning or tidying into a best selling book – unfortunately. But focussing on all things small in apartments, I thought a list of things you can do without would be worthwhile. I mean, why waste space you haven’t got?

1 Dining table

If you don’t live in Downton Abbey, you don’t entertain guests with anything more than takeaway and you eat 99 percent of your meals on the sofa, ¬†you don’t need a dining table, or the chairs.

2 Coffee table

While we’re talking tables, how about saving that space for stretching your legs out and get a small side table to rest your mug on instead?

3 Clothes and shoes

Well that won’t save me much space, I hear you say. I say there’s room in your wardrobe for other things, and you need to make space for your Christmas T shirts. If you haven’t worn it for 18 months… give it to the charity shops.

4 Television

Admit it, you stream most of what you watch on your laptop so you can watch it at work, in bed, wherever the mood takes you. Now you’ve not only saved the wall space, you’ve saved the cabinet space underneath.

5 Sound System

Blue tooth speaker is as big as you need. Lose the mini system, sound bar, speakers, cables, etc etc.

There are five more great do without ideas on the next page

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