6 Electrical cables  for things you don’t have

You know you’ve got them. One used to fire up the last desk top computer you ever owned. One charged a toothbrush you threw out. Get rid.

7 Bookcases, DVD/CD racks

You don’t really need what goes in them so you don’t need the shelves and cases. If you like the feel of a real book or magazine, read it and pass it on. DVDs and CDs don’t make an artistic statement, put them out of sight in a cupboard.

8 Storage boxes

What, throw out my big clear plastic storage box that I can see all the stuff I never use through the sides, I hear you say. Listen to yourself. Be strong. Its a waste of space and ugly to boot.

And while we’re at it, how about doubling the space in your kitchen cupboard by getting rid of all those food storage containers that don’t have lids, don’t stack, don’t seal, need I go on.

9 Things you say you’ll fix but never will

The mug with the crack in the handle, the lamp that needs rewiring, the cheap bookshelf you leant on and now has to be propped against the wall. It’s over. Dump or gumtree it and make it someone else problem,

10 Kitchen gizmos

Yeah, all those things you’ve got crammed into the cupboard you never use. Electric fry pans from God knows when, grills, air fryers, waffle makers, jaffle makers, food mixers. If you have to take out three items in front of it just to get to it in the cupboard, you never use it do you? If it’s on your kitchen bench and needs a good clean, you use it and should keep it!


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