The designer rug bug

Skyscraper by Lia Pielli 200 x 300cm New Zealand Wool + Bamboo rrp $4800

Buying rugs can be addictive. Whether you’ve gone for high-quality timber or tiles, or are stuck with grubby carpet or scuffed linoleum, the right rug in the right place can make a room sing.

This is especially true for tenants who can’t rip up their functional flooring and replace it with something that has style rather than just durability. Rugs allow us to inject a bit of our personality into our homes.

Lia Pielli of Designer Rugs recommends you decide what you want the rug to do. “If you want to inject colour and pattern into your space look for strong graphic designs in high contrast colours. To calm the space, chose textures and low contrast subtle designs in muted colours.”

The trends are colour palettes in metallic gold and natural warm wood tones overlayed on creams and pale neutrals; stormy greys and strong deep blues in combination with creams and soft golds; and dappled popping brights on white washed base tones.

Hot patterns include repeating geometrics, either strong and graphic or asymmetrical with almost a tribal feel. “Eroded traditional motifs overlayed with texture are also popular.”

Designer Rugs Pty Ltd, 509 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt, NSW 2040. Phone: (02) 9550 9933.

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