The winner of tiny house competition by Planner 5D

Apartment dwellers are used to thinking inside the box when it comes to interior design to maximise their space and now there’s a groundswell of enthusiasts for tiny houses (not Lego!) with similar issues to address.

The  Tiny house movement is changing the way many people live. A tiny house – rarely exceeding 500 square ft (46 sq m) –  saves a lot of unnecessary costs, whether it’s maintenance, heating, building or repair expenses. Popular furniture manufacturers, such as IKEA, are taking a plunge into “small living” idea, even taking inspiration from NASA.

Seven pro tips for turning your tiny house
idea into a dream home – see page 2

However, one of the trickiest parts when it comes to making tiny house livable is solving the puzzle of layout and interior design. Most of the furniture has to be multi-functional, and design has to be very well-though-of, using the right colors, textures and shades.

Planner 5D, an interior design platform, has recently organized a tiny house design competition, looking for the best small space solutions that would blend aesthetics with functionality.

The winner presented a creative solution not only for the interior design, but also for the exterior, creating a balanced contrast between furniture and surroundings.

The key to success was a thorough analysis of a small space in order to find place for each piece of furniture, but also to ensure the overall functionality. Furniture, decor and lighting – they all match together and complement each other.

The designer of the project chose to divide the space into two floors, to use a couple of colors and to install a staircase.

A fireplace was another interesting solution – as fireplaces are usually more common in bigger spaces; but in this case, taking a risk paid off, as the fireplace contributes to the uniqueness of the home.

Now turn to page 2 for seven big ideas for making the most of a small space. And for more information about the winning project, visit the competition page



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