They say inside every interior designer there’s an artist struggling to get out.  And there’s a surprising connection between architecture and comedy – just check the CVs of Tim Ross, Rod Quantock and Mother & Son creator Geoffrey Atherden

Spanish interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde (aka “nikneuk”) has  brought the three media artforms together in his hand-drawn sketches of the floor plans of a number of classic TV sitcoms,  showing accurate wall placement, room locations, and furniture based on his acute observations of the TV shows.

Lizarralde prints are available to purchase on RedBubble, Etsy and deviantART.

But before you go there, see if you can tell which of these floor plans were taken from which shows (there are clues if you look for them). And here’s one for starters: only two of these legendary shows are still in production.

Click on the floor plans to expand.


Apt - Frasier

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