Warming to thoughts of winter


Textures, shade and lighting can turn your cool pad into a warm retreat

By Charlie Adeline

As winter creeps in, it would be nice to think you could easily transform your apartment into a cosy haven that seems miles away from the cold and the grey. Thankfully, you don’t have to fill your cool, minimalist studio with fake bearskin rugs while playing that Netflix fireplace film on a loop to do so – a warm, welcoming look can be created by something as simple as introducing texture and layers to your existing flat, according to interior experts King Living.

King fabricsKing Living’s Triana Odone recommends emphasising texture in fabric choices on sofas and cushions, and by adding throws, which are always nice to snuggle under on colder evenings. Clever use of lighting can create a warm, cosy ambience, too. “It’s important to consider the style and size of floor and table lamps, as this impacts the way the light is diffused in the room and the mood of the space.”

Odone adds: “Quality hand loomed wool rugs create a luxurious look and feel, completing the visual impact of the room.”King fabrics 2

Odone suggests caramels, tan and taupe tones to complement most furniture and homewares. A new sofa can make all the difference, too, and with King Living’s removable covers, adapting to seasonal trends becomes less of a headache in the future. “Explore clever combinations, such as the sofa in leather and armchairs in a decorative fabric in similar tones or vice versa,” suggests Odone.

King Living offers a wide range of premium fabrics and luxurious leathers to augment your perfect winter hideaway, all of which can be viewed at their showrooms. For more info log on to: www.kingliving.com


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