Struggling to navigate your overcrowded kitchen cupboards? High-rise dwellers, we hear your exasperated sighs. Thankfully, Vitamix have come out with a shiny new product thats set to transform you the way to prepare your meals.

With the New Vitamix Professional Series 300, food prep has become as simple as throwing your ingredients into one mighty 2L blender. Don’t worry, you won’t disturb your neighbours either with these model’s super quiet design.

Lets break it down: with capacities used in commercial-grade blenders, these Vitamix blenders are built with robust blades to tackle even the toughest of challenges. With one handy dial, these guys go from 0 to high in a matter of seconds. Even better, their slim low-profile design make them able to be stashed away in your cupboards whenever you need some extra bench room

Find out more about the Vitamix Professional Series 300 by clicking here.

300 Onyx Dessert Berry Sorbet Kitchen

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