I’m just like you… only I know what I’m doing
You know that immense feeling of satisfaction when you’ve followed instructions and assembled a piece of Ikea furniture? And the drawers open and close? And it looks just like it did in the store. Great isn’t it?
You’ve saved money, you’ve demonstrated your self-assembly skills which gives you self-confidence and lifts your self-esteem. Suddenly, you’re even more attractive to the opposite sex, more likely to get that great job, and more likely to look taller and thinner.
Is it any wonder then, that a new survey shows that we envy tradies? Those magnificent men and women with the big utes with shiny metal cases in the tray full of the tools of their trade. Electric drills, electric eels, electric saws, angle grinders, screwdrivers, spanners, paintbrushes with bristles that aren’t stuck together, and somewhere, just in case one of use lets them down, an Allen key.
Those of us who live in apartments would so like to be handy, as it seems embarrassing that we have to get someone in to change a washer or move a power point. The survey, by ServiceSeeking.com.au interviewed 1700 users and found that the skills we most envy are electrical 37%, plumbing 20% and even something we should all be able to do… painting 11%.
It’s only right that we leave something as capable of killing you as electrical work to the experts. The people surveyed regarded electrics and plumbing as the most difficult trades to master, which may be true. Plumbers, take on that most thankless of tasks… cleaning drains and unclogging waste pipes. Plumbers are better paid, proving the old adage, where there’s muck, there’s money.
The things we most wish we could do ourselves will probably not surprise you. About a quarter, 24%, wish they could change the tiles in their own bathroom themselves. Which they probably could but starting in the right place, cutting them properly are all skills you learn by making mistakes first. And tiles are expensive.
Almost as many people (21%) wish they could install their own kitchen or bathroom cabinets, which is the ultimate Ikea challenge. Talking of challenged, 16% are so low on confidence or ability that the wished they could paint a wall.
A wall.
One in 10 wish they could unclog a blocked drain although wishing and wanting to once you’ve got the manhole cover off and are faced with what is blocking it are different things. And 9.6% wished they could fix a blown fuse box.
Some of the people surveyed have had a crack at doing it themselves thought. The DIY task most hated? Unclogging the toilet of course, 40% of people naming it their least favourite job. Other reasons people gave for not liking DIY were  “Doesn’t turn out how you picture it”, again 40% of people said that, some from the same 40% who didn’t like unclogging the toilet, you’d think.
1 in 3 people (36%) didn’t like the fact it was time consuming, so I guess that’s the proportion of the population who call someone to assemble their self assembly furniture for them. Some find DIY exhausting 19% which it no doubt can be and 4% don’t like getting dirty, which you have to respect because that does come with the territory on the most basic of tasks.
We envy tradies skills and abilities but at the end of the day, most of us aren’t prepared to strap on the tool belt and get up to our elbows in muck. They didn’t ask the question, but when the chips are down, 100% of us will keep paying for tradies. They get the job done properly, they get our respect, they even get the last laugh.
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