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Chamoisee Parquet, $117 plus GST per sqm

When it comes to flooring, European, French and American Oak are by far the most popular timber choices with European Oak being the standout, according to Richard Karsay of Precision Flooring.

“It adapts to so many treatments and finishes,” he says. “Chemical treatments will give you the greys which are popular while wire brushing the boards gives you a slightly textured look.”

The high gloss of polyurethane is out. Instead finishes are oil, water or wax based because they look great and allow the timber to breathe. The trend is also for wider boards which is another reason for the increase in the popularity of engineered timber floors.

“An engineered floor gives the natural look but with less movement that comes with solid timber which means we can use much wider floorboards, up to 260mm wide.”

Timber is also expanding beyond floors. “Now, we’re taking it vertically to walls and ceilings and into joinery.”

Precision Flooring, 188 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills, 2010. Phone (02) 9690 0991. www.precisionflooring.com.au

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